Jon's Family Photos

Dear Family & Friends,

Well there's nothing like "putting it out there" to make me wonder just how sane I am.

Here's the story: Jon's old slides of family & friends have deteriorated over the years. I wanted to get them copied to digital format to forestall further damage and decay. But then why keep them to myself? Simple: so you won't use them to blackmail me! Ah well --- I never did have a properly developed sense of self preservation (witness me at 11 months at the top of a ladder).

There are WAY too many baby pictures of me ... but there are some great ones of family and friends also. I tried to make myself edit out near-duplicates and "bad" photos ... but I couldn't ... so you will just have to wade through them.

If anybody wants a CD of these web pages just let me know. If you want the original TIFF scans of Jon's slides - that would take 5 CDs (they are 10meg per image) or a DVD - just let me know on that also.

The 3 options below show the same thumbnails - but clicking will get you the individual photo.

Click here for Medium format (750 pixels in the long direction)

Click here for Small format (500 pixels in the long direction)

Click here for Tiny format (340 pixels in the long direction)