Updated 6/5/01

What a great word! Almost as good as SMOCK!

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Site Preparation
The Yurt Goes UP!

Site Preparation
Before the carnage

Before the carnage - looking at the site from over the stream ... kind of the same view as the elevation drawing on the previous page ...

Let light into the swamp!

I'm a dangerous man with a chainsaw!

Who IS that guy with the pot belly???

Yah yah - the guy with the beer gut's me! Andy Gilmore and Dave Cox helped get the mess cleaned up - branches burned & trunks bucked up and set aside for firewood. The boys helped too (not pictured) - my guys: Damian & Simon, and Dave's guys: Andy and Alex.

Bare Dirt

Looking up the future driveway toward the yurt site.

Mom on the woodpile

The work done - our head cook and bottle-washer enjoys the day's accomplishments!

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Then came excavation!
The guy running the bucket was an artist! The guy driving the dump truck on the other hand ... So now there's a fork in the drive.
Digging the Drive Dumping Gravel The Y in the Woods

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And the Yurt Goes UP!!!
Post and pier footings, looking up the new section of driveway. The floor is already down and secured ... wall sections being added. Putting up the individual ceiling sections was nerve-wracking ... I didn't pick up the camera until they were being bolted together! The Yurt-in-the-Woods! Before shingles, skylight and doors. Also one more deck section to go.
Post and Pier Floor is down, walls going up. Bolting the Ceiling Yurt in the Woods
Finishing Touches
Andy Gilmore helped me with the interminable insulation... each piece of fiberglass had to be cut to size.

My sweetie Danita helped me put up the vapor barrier ... and the finishing touches on the ceiling.

The sub-floor needed to be raised slightly so that the finish floor would be flush with the slate near the doorways. Now THAT was a b_tch.
Hardwood Glen's folks put in the Hickory flooring - beautiful stuff!

I put in up the ceder T&G on the walls. God knows how many boards. Five nails to a board. All hidden. And then there's the verticals that cover the joints between sections. And the window enclosures (one is in progress on the floor in this shot).

Andy helped me again with the double fire wall behind the stove. I did the plastering on it, and installed the stove. It's a cutie!
Here's how it looks from the outside.

My cabin in the woods!

One heck of a deal. I'm sitting inside this beauty as I type these words. It's raining outside. Gentle drumming on the roof and skylight. There's a small fire in the wood stove, warming the space nicely.

But now I'd better get on with my day. There's bills to pay and work to do.
Sub Floor Finished Floor Finished Roof

photo by Andy Gilmore

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